The “Orford Town Road Commission” will be made up of five resident-taxpayers with town roads, bridges, and heavy equipment experience, for the purpose of assisting and and offering suggestions to both the Selectboard and the Road Agent on issues that pertain to town highway garage building, roads, bridges, road equipment and vehicles, and other items that fall under the Orford Highway Department.

And the commission will explore the possibility of privatizing (contracting out) the care and maintenance of all town owned roads and submit a report of its findings and recommendations to the Selectboard and to the Orford general public by December 1, 2021.


Mike Wright, Chair, #603-359-8483, [email protected]

Paul Goundrey, #603-353-9813, [email protected]

Alan Bean, #603-443-7078, [email protected]

Herb Austic, [email protected]

Chase Kling, Selectboard Liaison

Contact & Hours

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