Mission Statement

As a Town Library, the Orford Social Library provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to the community. It offers a variety of media, programs, and services to enrich personal lives, enhance the pursuit of knowledge, stimulate the communication of ideas, and foster an appreciation and enjoyment of literature and the arts.

A special emphasis is made, while maintaining our commitment to children, to find ways to reach out to all members of the community and to increase their use of the library for enrichment activities.


Librarian: Sandra Gunther

Committee Members & Titles

President: Ted Cooley
Vice President: Gary Barrett
Treasurer: Esther Dobbins-Marsh
Secretary: Gail Keefer
Additional Directors: Beverly Andrews-Potry, Pat Bertozzi-Buck, Carl Cassel, Eva Daniels, Ann Green
Student Director: Cameron Day

Contact Information

Orford Social Library
P.O. Box 189
Orford, NH 03777
(603) 353-9756
Email: oslib@myfairpoint.net
Facebook: Orford Social Library
Twitter: @OrfordSocialLib
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Orford.Social.Library