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September 23, 2019 at 7:00 pm
At the Rivendell Middle School Multi-Purpose Room, Orford, NH

Please join us for an informational presentation by engineer Jim Hall of DuBois & King of the preliminary design and plans for the reconstruction of Archertown Road from approximately High Bridge Road east for about one-half mile to just over the crest of the hill.

This project will be a major roadway re-construction to remove the current drainage situation that annually causes significant frost heaves and surface damage. The project will consist of-

  • removal of the existing road bed and materials down 24”
  • adding gravel and drainage culverts,
  • installing new pavement, shoulder, drainage ditches and guard rails
  • clearing some trees to improve sunlight reaching the road surface I the winter.

This re-construction has an expected life span of 30-50 years.

Since the section of road will be impassable for an expected 30-45 days during the summer of 2020, alternate routes, detours and temporary residential access will be discussed.

A current cost estimate and how the Town will pay for this project will be presented. There is no state or federal money available for this project. The Town has been accumulating roadway improvement funds over the last several years that will now be directed here. A warrant article for any remainder needed, and permission to proceed will be presented for approval at the March 2020 Annual Town Meeting.

We look forward to seeing you at this presentation.

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The Rivendell Review Committee’s (RRC) Impact Summary can be found under Documents at the bottom of this page

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