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Highway Garage 10′ x 42′ Storage Addition

Minimum size: width of existing office (10 ft) extended to end of building (approximately 42 ft)
Height: to existing rafters.
Exterior wall: about 4 ft frost wall (sealed) to match current frost wall height, remainder studded and covered with T–111 siding and sealed with wood preservative.
Framework will be 2”x 6” constructed and insulated (insulation being a minimum of R-19)
Roofing will be galvanized metal to match the existing roof
Ceiling to be insulated (a minimum of R-30); office addition to have a suspended drop tile ceiling
Floor: 4” concrete, sealed, not painted.
Electrical – appropriate lighting level and sufficient outlets in both additions
Highway department will do all necessary digging, backfilling, painting & clean-up

Existing Office:

Existing window on west side to be removed (reused in storage addition), concrete cut out and a new 36” interior door with lock set, to enter office addition, installed.
New space to be divided into 2 sections: office (12 ft) and storage (about 30 ft).

Office Addition – 12’ x 10’:

Install new 36” exterior door with lockset.
Interior walls will be sheet rocked with 5/8” thick fire-retardant drywall, finished (the highway crew will paint with durable, washable paint).

Storage Addition – 30’x x10’:

Used window from existing office to be installed in exterior wall of the storage addition on the west facing wall. Install new 36” exterior door with lockset in the north wall
Interior walls be covered with ¾” plywood (the highway crew will paint with fire-retardant paint).
Existing north garage wall to be opened into storage space. Remove one set of existing windows from the concrete block wall and cut concrete down to floor level to create an open entry – no door to be installed in opening.

Please submit your bud by July 28, 2021, 4:00 pm to the Town of Orford – Garage Storage Addition, 2529 Route 25A, Orford, NH 03777

For questions on the bid specs, please call Terry Straight, Road Agent at #603-353-9366 or email highway@orfordnh.us

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