The Sand Pit Reclamation Committee will work to define, research and develop a plan (i.e., feasibility and implementation) the Town may follow to create and implement a reclamation plan for the town sand pit on Town Shed Road.

Committee Members & Titles

John Adams, Selectboard Liaison
Tom Thomson

Contact Information

Persons seeking to participate should contact: Orford Selectboard Administrative Assistant, Esther Dobbins-Marsh –  603-353-4889

This Committee shall meet as needed to accomplish the goals within the scope. Those meetings are guided by the laws of New Hampshire for open meetings of official committees which requires warning of time, place, and agenda and recording of minutes.

The committee shall establish a reasonable completion time which may be modified as details develop.

The committee may use paid experts or consultants to accomplish its goals.

The Committee shall not have an initial budget but justified requests to spend money may be addressed to the Selectboard for approval.

This Committee shall report to the Selectboard at least quarterly.

The scope of the Committee may change as details are reported.

The Committee composition shall be by appointment by the Selectboard. At a minimum it will consist of a chairman who will be responsible for recording minutes and reporting to the Selectboard.

The Committee shall exist until dissolved by the Selectboard.

Those appointed to the committee will be for indefinite terms and be subject to removal by the Selectboard.

The Town of Orford Sandpit Reclamation Plan Project Committee is hereby established by the Town of Orford Selectboard on January 13, 2021