Schedule of Events


On Saturday December 14, 9am to 1pm, the Bandstand Committee will be holding its fourth annual holiday cookie sale at the Orford Social Library. Please put this date on your calendar and come to buy an assortment of culinary sweets in celebration of the season. This is an opportunity to buy something special to give a friend, family member, or business associate as a “thank you” for a good deed. Holiday packaging will be available. All proceeds will support free concerts and other events on the Orford bandstand scheduled for the 2020 season.

We welcome all bakers who wish to contribute to the sale. This includes special holiday cookies, bars, candy, small cakes and other confectionary sweets including treats for your feline, canine and feathered friends! .

In anticipation of a successful fundraising event, Thank you!  

Committee Members

Jim Beaulieu
Eva Daniels
Lesley Butman
Ann Cougle
John Berryman
Tom Steketee
Brad McCormack
Dave Smith
Ann Green



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