The mission of the Rivendell Interstate School District is to foster the intellectual, social and personal development of its students. Our goal is that they will become life-long learners, positive contributors to their communities and productive, healthy adults.


School Board

The Rivendell Interstate School Board members are committed to the School District mission and goals. Every member of the Board is completely conversant with the philosophy and principles that are the foundation of school district. The school Board applies this mission and related goals to decision making.

The School Board is committed to maintaining continuity in quality education to trust and be trusted by the citizenry of all four-member towns making up the one school district. Board members are respectful of the uniqueness of each community and at the same time committed to the formation of a unified school district. They understand the importance of open and honest communication and the desirability of public engagement.

In addition, School Board members understand the legal requirements to function as a solidified legal entity and not as independent agents. Therefore, the School Board acts upon decisions and renders direction to the school district as a whole.


Rivendell’s Administrative team, management approach and philosophy have been recognized for excellence by many area institutions through professional development grants and interest in programmatic partnerships. We have modeled our approach on a variety of best practice models at work throughout the country.

We regularly monitor our District success through achievements in our District Action Plan and also through the following overarching administrative criteria:

  • Setting Priorities
  • Academic Rigor & Consistency
  • Community Engagement and Outreach
  • Communications
  • Academic Achievement

Contact & Hours

Central Office #603-353-2170

Web Page: www.rivendellschool.org