The purpose of the Orford Historical Society is to assist the residents of the Town of Orford in preserving their history and heritage for their appreciation and understanding, as well as for that of future generations.

Established in 1996, the OHS is a self-supporting, non-profit educational organization, with membership open to all who are interested in the history of Orford. We regularly present five programs each year, including walking tours and other home grown events drawing on the knowledge and experience of local residents. Working with students, we published an historical guide to the town, and more recently an illustrated collection of Orford-based poetry by Dot Pierson. Our growing collections include artifacts, photographs, letters, and documents.


Donna Lawless (President)
Richard Donham (VP), Special Projects – PastPerfect, Nominations
Sam Hanford (Secretary), Community Relations (overall head, especially PR)
Beverly Andrews-Potry, Community Relations – Events, Special Projects – Oral Histories
Priscilla Clark, Exhibits
Ann Green, Fund Raising – Membership Chair
David Smith, Special Projects – Oral Histories

Annual Meeting

The 2022 OHS Annual Meeting will take place at 7 PM on the 27th of September at the Congregational Church on Rte 10 in Orford, NH. Following a brief report on OHS activities and presentation of Board Officers, there will be a special program by David Govatski, retired Forester with the U.S. Forest Service from Jefferson, NH. The presentation is titled “We Can Take It: The Civilian Conservation Corps in the White Mountains.” The Civilian Conservation Corps was one of the most successful federal government programs in US history and ran between 1933-1942. There were 21 CCC camps in the White Mountains, each employing up to 200 men. During the Great Depression, one-of-four Americans were out of work, and financial collapse was familiar.  Mr Govatski will consider the causes of the Great Depression, the role of the Dust Bowl, and the Bonus Army March on the nation’s capital. He will also discuss an attempt to create an all-female equivalent of the CCC by Eleanor Roosevelt and life in the CCC camps and their motto—“We Can Take It.” Featuring numerous photos of the local camps and the men working on projects, there will also be a display of CCC publications and memorabilia. Open to all interested people, the OHS Board of Directors hopes to see you there!