Trustees of the Trust Funds


The Orford Trustees of the Trust Funds (TTF) administer all Trust Funds established by the Town.  The board of the Trustees includes 3 Trustees elected at Town Meetings and 2 Alternate Trustees appointed by the Selectboard.  The Trust Funds administered include:  Capital Reserve Funds (CRFs) used to accumulate and expend funds for specific major purchases, Expendable Trust Funds (ETFs) used for maintenance and operation of the town, and Private Trust Funds (Trusts) established for designated purposes such as the Cemetery, Scholarships, etc. The CRFs and ETFs are funded through appropriations voted at Town Meetings;  the Trusts are funded through private donations (gifts, bequests, etc.).

The primary missions of the Trustees of Trust Funds are to ensure that a.) the funds are available when needed for planned expenditures and b.) expenditures are approved only for the declared purposes of each Trust. The Trustees maintain a ledger accounting for balances, principal, income and expenditures yearly for each Trust. The Trustees are required to report this information annually to the State of New Hampshire (NH DRA Forms MS-9 and MS-10) and in the Town Report. Copies of these reports, as well as Meeting Minutes are available at the Town Offices, or on this website.


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