Local Services

Car Repair/Towing
Orford Servicenter 603-353-4555
Pierce Enterprises 603-353-4356
Tony’s Auto Body 603-353-4793

**Rubbish Removal
Floyd’s Rubbish Removal 603-353-4240

**Transfer Station – off Townshed Road, Orford, NH
Open Saturday’s from 8am – 11am for trash collection and recycling
White Kitchen bags $2 each, 30/33 Gallon bags $3 each, and Contractor bags $4 each
Please note: anything heavy may be charged an additional fee at the discretion of the attendant 

United Congregational Church of Orford
603-353-4897, Rev. Jane Elizabeth Wilson
Worship at 10:30 am Sundays

Orford-Fairlee Food Shelf – located at the Fairlee Town Hall
Non-perishables and Frozen foods can be dropped off at the Fairlee Town Hall
Non-perishable only can be dropped off at the Orford Town Office and Orford Congregational Church
For more information, please contact Georgette Wolf-Ludwig at the Fairlee Town office at 802-333-4363

Service Providers

New Hampshire Electric Coop 1-800-698-2007
Public Service of New Hampshire 1-800-662-7764

Propane/Fuel Oil
Dead River Company 1-800-788-3002
Perry Oil 1-802-222-9211

FairPoint Communication 1-855-828-7813
Topsham Communication 1-802-439-5325

Dish Network 1-855-471-8007
Direct TV 1-877-841-8936
Topsham Communication 1-802-439-5325

FairPoint DSL 1-855-828-7813
Topsham Communication 1-802-439-5325

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Banks & Real Estate

Ledyard National Bank 603-640-2704
Mascoma Savings Bank 1-888-627-2662
Wells River Savings Bank 1-800-371-2361
Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank 603-747-2735

Real Estate
Lang McLaughrey Real Estate 1-802-333-4701
Martha Diebold Real Estate 603-795-4816

Service Events

2020 Household Hazardous Waste Collection dates & Times
Collections will be held from 9:00 am to Noon (except Piermont) Dates & locations are subject to change.
Please note: the Lebanon collections will no longer be held at the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility

Saturday, May 2, 2020 – Lebanon High School, 195 Hanover Street (off Route 120)
Saturday, May 2, 2020 – Piermont Transfer Station, Bedford Road (9:00 am – 11:00 am)
Saturday, June 6, 2020 – Claremont Highway Garage, 8 Grandview Street
Friday, July 17, 2020 – Lebanon High School, 195 Hanover Street (off Route 120)
Saturday, July 18, 2020 – Lebanon High School, 195 Hanover Street (off Route 120)
Saturday, August 8, 2020 – Newbury, NH Highway Garage, 50 South Road
Saturday, October 3, 2020 – Lebanon High School, 195 Hanover Street (off Route 120)

Website Links

Swim with a Mission
Swim with a Mission (SWAM) raises awareness and support for programs that directly support and serve Veterans and their families. Click on the link for more information on their fund raising activities and events.

About Assisted Living
Our missions at is to help the disabled and elderly maximize their healthy years and age gracefully. We have an online database of tools, references, and articles that cover topics like available care options, financial support, and free resources that are available in every state.

Keys to the Valley
Safe and affordable places to live are key to the long-term success of our region. The Keys to the Valley Initiative seeks to help address the this critical issue and lead to action.

Upper Valley Ambulance

The Upper Valley Ambulance is a pre-hospital service whose primary focus is to provide high quality emergency care to our nine member towns. Our organization is committed to providing efficient, prompt and creative transportation systems both on a local and regional basis. We will meet the ongoing healthcare needs of the communities that we serve, and strive to provide total customer satisfaction. We will be proactive in seeking new opportunities to fulfill this mission.

Become a member of the UVA – Your continued support “Helps Us Help You”
Contact UVA or the Town of Orford for an Application

Membership Facts
The Cost is $50 per household * The principal subscriber and all persons claimed as dependent on your most recent Federal Income Tax return residing in our normal call area will be covered under this membership *  Upper Valley Ambulance, Inc. reserve the right to bill any available third-party insurance agency * Additional donations are tax deductible * Medicaid patients already have full coverage for services covered by Medicaid
Membership Advantages
Unlimited local Emergency Transport twenty-four (24) hours a day within our coverage area * Membership income has helped offset increased expenses to UVA, maintain a lower tax rate and helps members who use our services * Member discounts are given for all local emergency services to cover any deductible or co-payments

Health & Wellness Initiatives

FamilyWize Health & Wellness Initiative gives individuals, families and employees the tools they need to better afford their prescription medication.

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by providing access to affordable prescription medications.  We were founded by Dan and Susan Barnes in 2005 to help people in the Lehigh Valley.  Susan was a nurse and saw too many people come in, get prescribed medications, and never be able to afford them—so they created FamilyWize.  We work with United Ways, American Heart Association, Mental Health America, National Council on Aging, and local organizations and government agencies like yours to help bring this free assistance to people who struggle affording their medication.  Through our collaborative efforts over 15 million people have been able to get needed medication.

The health and productivity of your community is important to both of us and we believe that the FamilyWize Prescription Savings card could be a great resource to add to your county’s wellness initiatives. The program includes a free prescription savings card, optional monthly health and wellness tips, and a drug price lookup tool that makes finding the lowest price locally very easy.

  • Average savings of 45% for most FDA approved prescription medications
  • Anyone can use the free card—there are no eligibility requirements, paperwork or administrative work
  • Patients simply present the card to their pharmacist when purchasing medications and they will receive the lowest price available to them: the negotiated FamilyWize discounted rate, retail price, or insurance price, if they have a health plan.

More information about FamilyWize  and how to apply for your free Drug Discount Card can be found at

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