The Orford Energy Committee pursues opportunities to reduce energy costs and environmental burdens within the Town of Orford

COVER Home Repair (based in White River Junction) runs a weatherization program in the winter months. They serve low income people who want to save money and energy on their winter heating needs at little or no cost to homeowners. In one day COVER and its teams of volunteers can make noticeable improvements on many older framed houses and mobile homes. In addition to running blower door tests, they air seal,  insulate water heaters, insulate pipes, insulate box sills, bulkheads and attic hatches, install window kits, install LEDS and smoke detectors, a make minor repairs. Click on the link or call #802-296-7241 for more information.


Edmond Cooley – Chair
Mark Blanchard – Vice Chair
Robb Day – Secretary
Emily  Bryant

John Miller
Jordon Sutherlin

David Smith – Selectboard Liaison

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