The purpose of the Orford Conservation Commission is to promote the proper utilization and protection of natural resources and protect the watershed resources within the Town of Orford in accordance with (New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) 36-A, Conservation Commissions.


Edmond Cooley – Chair
Jeff MacQueen – Vice Chair
Tom Bubolz
John Miller
Harry Pease
Craig Putnam
Carl Schmidt

Fran Plaisted – Secretary
Emily Bryant
Diane Gildersleeve
Carl Cassel
Paul Goundrey

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The Orford Conservation Commission is initiating a project intended to help halt the pervasive spread of Japanese knotweed, a plant identified by NH Department of Agriculture as a foreign invasive plant. We plan to focus upon areas along Jacobs Brook and tributaries where the plant colonies have already spread to an alarming extent.  Preliminary Survey work is expected in the coming week. Actual control activities are not anticipated until late Spring since that timing is judged to be most effective in the plant life-cycle.

Where plant colonies exist on private lands, the landowners will be contacted to seek permission in advance of any potential work. The work will be performed by volunteers and contractors at no charge to the landowner.

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